Larry Davis—2022 Hall of Honor Inductee

A  Clinton High School student has researched and written the following article about one of the 2022 Hall of Honor inductees.  The induction ceremony will occur on Friday, April 8, at Clinton High School.

Larry Davis

The Arts

By Aleckai Gray

“Someone once told me there are three types of people. The type that only talks about themselves, we’ve all met someone like that. The type that only talks about others, the gossips. And the third, smaller group of people who talk about theories and concepts. I think everyone should strive to be part of that third group.” 

This is the quote that stuck out to me the most after talking to Mr. Larry Davis. 

In this year’s Hall of Honor Banquet Clinton High School has decided to honor Larry Davis for his accomplishments. I was fortunate enough to get to interview Mr. Davis and ask him about his memories of Clinton High. He was very involved during his high school career, being a part of student council all four years, as well as Honors Society. He also had a part in A’capella choir “though not a good part” according to him. He wasn’t in many after school activities, but he says “passing Algebra may as well have been an extracurricular”. Being involved in student council led to Mr. Davis being elected his junior class president, and student body president his senior year. “Different presentations and dances like homecoming and prom will always stick out as fond memories,” he says. Mr. Davis gave me a different perspective when it comes to the visual arts, though I’m not much of an artsy person myself. When I asked him what classes helped him on his path to the arts, he said geometry. He elaborated, “There’s something in geometry called linear function. It helped me with drawing perspectives. In geometry you learn all about shapes and measurements. This helped me with more realistic arts.” Although, this seemed to be the only math class he felt this way for. “I haven’t used the quadratic formula in my 50 years since leaving Clinton High.” When asked what he’d like to say to the current student body of Clinton High, he answered, “I would love to encourage people to find something they love, and get really good at it, whether that be something like math or just tying ropes—get really good at that skill and then I want you to promise yourself that you’ll become a teacher.” Mr. Davis cares a great deal about education, and clearly is a great teacher. I am honored to speak for him at this Hall of Honor Banquet.

The public will be invited for the luncheon and induction speech portion of the day scheduled between 11:30 and 2:30 on Friday April 8. The Clinton High School culinary students will cater the luncheon. Inductees will be guests of the Hall of Honor Committee. The luncheon will cost $14 per other attendees. Main entrees are Seafood Lasagna or Caesar Chicken. Please call Deb Deters at 563-243-7540, extension 1180 or email at

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