Dr. Herbert Burkert—-2022 Hall of Honor Inductee

A  Clinton High School student has researched and written the following article about one of the 2022 Hall of Honor inductees.  The induction ceremony will occur on Friday, April 8, at Clinton High School.

Dr. Herbert Burkert

Distinguished Military Service

By Zoe Hazen

I am proud to introduce Dr. Herbert Burkert into the Hall of Honor at CHS. During Dr. Burkert’s time here at Clinton High, he was involved in the Bachelor’s Club, Little Theatre, “C” Club, Student Government, Football, Wrestling, Activeship, and the Technical Club. Being active in school transferred to becoming active in our military. Dr. Burkert, like many, was officially drafted at the height of World War II on January 14th, 1944. He was fresh out of high school, only graduating a year prior to his deployment, and he completed his training at Fort McClellan, Alabama. 

After basic training, he was stationed in France where Dr. Burkert fought for the liberation of Europe. He was eventually captured and taken hostage by the Germans on November 30th of 1944; he was held at Stalag 7a. Stalag is a German term used for prisoner of war camps. After 5 months in captivity, Dr. Burkert and others were able to dig a tunnel and escape only one day prior to his scheduled execution. Dr. Burkert’s efforts in the escape included carrying a wounded comrade to safety, and they have remained lifelong friends and kept in contact the rest of their lives. Dr. Burkert’s service didn’t go unrecognized; he was awarded the Bronze Star, the Good Conduct Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge, and the Rifle Badge.

Upon returning to the US he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating in 1948 with his doctoral degree. He then opened a practice in Clinton Iowa, where he became heavily involved in the Clinton Jaycees serving as the president, long-time leader and mentor in its development. He exemplified what it meant to be a community member of Clinton. Sadly Dr. Burkert passed away in 1965 at an early age, but his legacy wasn’t only his heroism when called upon by his country, but also for his work and efforts to make Clinton a better city for all. He is a respected soul and looked up to by many. His family is in attendance today to speak on his behalf of the things he has done and the legacy he leaves behind.

The public will be invited for the luncheon and induction speech portion of the day scheduled between 11:30 and 2:30 on Friday April 8. The Clinton High School culinary students will cater the luncheon. Inductees will be guests of the Hall of Honor Committee. The luncheon will cost $14 per other attendees. Main entrees are Seafood Lasagna or Caesar Chicken. Please call Deb Deters at 563-243-7540, extension 1180 or email at deb.deters@csdkq.org.

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