Dear Families of Clinton Community Schools,

Due to the overwhelming number of parent/guardian transportation requests that are occurring throughout the year, Clinton Community School District will be making changes that may have an effect on your transportation needs.

Beginning August 1, 2020 you will be allowed no more than 2 AM pick-up stops and 2 PM drop-off stops PER YEAR. This includes your permanent residence. All stops before and after school must be within your resident school district boundary, with the exception of the approved LICENSED daycare centers.

The district approved licensed daycare centers are:  Mercy Daycare, Stay-N-Play, Wee School, and Zion.

Example:             Option #1  AM Pick-up—Home

Option #2  AM Pick-up—Grandma’s house  (within your resident school district boundary)

Option #1  PM Drop-off—Home

Option #2  PM Drop-off—Stay N Play

Any official change of permanent residence that is requested will be required through administration first before any busing changes can be made.  Please contact Julie Matzen at Administration (243-9600, ext. # 49) to make such changes.  Transportation will then be notified and if guidelines are met and your student qualifies for busing, these changes can go into effect.  Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to accommodate any busing changes.

Some limitations to be aware of:

  1. Current state law specifies elementary and middle school students living more than two miles from their designated school are eligible for transportation; otherwise, students are determined living in a walk zone and require parent transportation. Other factors that can affect this are safety and specialized transportation as designated in an IEP.
  2. Current state law specifies high school students who live more than three miles from their designated school are eligible for transportation. The same conditions apply as above.
  3. Current state law requires corner stops unless otherwise specified for safety reasons or specialized transportation assignments.
  4. Current state law limits riding time to 60 minutes for middle school and elementary students and 75 minutes for high school students, unless waived by a parent.

Other available options parents may want to consider:

  1. YWCA Daycare will be held after school at YWCA (Eagle Heights), YWCA-South (Jefferson) and YWCA (Whittier). Interested families should contact Amanda Snyder at (563 242-2190) or YWCA Youth Phone (563 212-4001)
  2. CERTIFIED daycare providers within your resident school district boundary. (i.e. Klassy Kids Day Care 341 3rd Ave N – Jefferson, Barb Letsch 2525 Prospect – Bluff, Marsha’s Day Care 611 13th Ave N – Whittier, Karen Steiner 2220 N 7th St – Eagle Heights)
  3. Availability for students to ride the city bus to and from school at NO CHARGE.

Please remember, riding the school bus is a privilege and as we move forward, your cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support of Clinton Community Schools.


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