With today being the last day for students in this academic calendar, I’d like to update the community, parents, and students on the planning for this summer and the start of the school year in August.

Today is the last day to submit work for grades and credit.  Teachers will submit grades or identify standards completion on June 3.  Given the dramatic change in delivery format, the district has decided to use a pass/incomplete option.

A major change from past practice is that the district is postponing any summer school opportunities (high school/middle school) until mid-July at the earliest.  Jump Start programming (elementary) as part of the state’s required “Return to Learn” plan will not start until late July at the earliest.  Our thinking is that time will hopefully be on our side with the COVID-19 research and intervention.  Also, it is our hope that these programs will meet face-to-face later in the summer.

We will be recommending to the School Board to revise our calendar start date to August 17.  By starting a week earlier, we are able to build in six days for make-up or five days for additional learning opportunities for students that are embedded within the school calendar.  By having this flexibility, we will hopefully be able to better serve student needs  and not extend too far into June next summer.

I will provide more updates as we get closer to the start of school in August.  How the beginning of the next school year will look will depend on the guidance from the Department of Education and the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Thank you for your support of Clinton Community Schools!




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