The Clinton Community School District is currently having discussions about extending services to students and families.  Among the items that the district is currently considering are the following:

  • Expanding childcare options for parents at the elementary schools.  Given the shortage of childcare options in Clinton County, should the school district offer an option where childcare is made available to families at the school site that their students attend?
  • Offering a Jumpstart program at the elementary schools.  The research is clear that students can drop from 20 to 30% in their academic achievement scores.  These percentages are even higher in low social-economic groups.  A Jumpstart program usually runs 2-3 weeks, from late July to early August, to give students a “jump start” for the upcoming school year and close the summer learning gap.
  • Offering summer school to the middle school and high school.  The middle school summer school program would focus on skill development such as organization, collaborative learning roles, and critical learning strategies.  The high school would focus on credit recovery opportunities.
  • Expanding the alternative school environment.  The Lincoln alternative program served the students of Clinton for many years.  Now the Clinton and Camanche Community School Districts are looking to create the next generation of alternative programming with curriculum that is project-based, blended, and community-based.

I believe any and/or all of these ideas have the potential of being a benefit to our students.  I welcome the discussions as we look to improve the learning opportunities for our students.



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