Embedded Proactive Mental Health Services in Clinton Schools

The Clinton Community School District is excited to announce a tentative agreement with Life Connections to provide embedded mental health services in every building for the 2019-2020 school year.  We have been experiencing the challenges and needs of students and families and are implementing a more proactive approach in our student services.

Some of the services that Life Connections will provide include the following:

  • Professional training and development on mental health approaches with school staff.  Among the topics that will be covered are mental health first aid, de-escalation, family systems intervention, resilience and trauma care, and bridges out of poverty training.
  • Coaching and mentoring for teaching staff regarding children with mental health concerns.
  • Parent engagement meetings once every nine weeks
  • Aid in de-escalation of situations in classroom settings
  • Integration with the educational and support teams within the school building.
  • Self-care sessions and facilitation of appropriate boundaries training for staff.
  • Group therapy sessions on social skills and mental health management.
  • Management of scheduling and coordination of additional mental health services within the building.

We believe this is the first school district in Clinton County that will provide these student services within the school buildings on a daily basis.  We believe proactive mental health services will put our students and staff in a better position to be successful.

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