New Procedure for Delayed Starts on Wednesdays

As the weather has quickly turned cold, icy, and snowy, the decision to announce a delayed start versus cancellation of school is one a superintendent has to make. Past practice in the Clinton School District has been to cancel the whole day of school on a Wednesday because it is also an early out day for teacher professional development. I believe everyone understands that it would not be worth coming to school if a delayed start would be followed by an early dismissal the same day.
After discussions with the school administrators, the Clinton Education Association, and the district School Improvement Advisory Committee, the Clinton Community School District will implement a new procedure if there is a need for a delayed start on a Wednesday. The district will begin classes two hours late. We will cancel the teacher professional development that afternoon and students will remain in class until the dismissal time of any other day of the week (2:45 p.m. at the elementary schools and 3:35 p.m. at the middle and high school). We believe that the additional contact time with students in the afternoon will make it a productive learning day overall.
Thank you for your support of Clinton Schools!

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