The Need for Substitutes

The Clinton Community School District has been experiencing a major shortage of para-educator substitutes in the district.  Even though we are only seven weeks into the school year, the district is experiencing 40% of para-educator absences are not being filled.  Obviously this has an impact on students.

Effective immediately, the Clinton Community School District will have the following requirements for para-educator substitutes:  high school diploma or equivalent, pass a background check, and successfully pass the hiring process.  The district is looking for high quality people that a personal schedule that reflects the school schedule is desirable, they want flexibility of working from day to day, and are compassionate with students.

I would also like to remind people of the opportunity to earn a substitute authorization certificate for substitute teaching.  The requirements are that you have earned a bachelor’s degree of any kind or a para-educator certificate.  The second requirement is to take some educational training courses through the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency or Eastern Iowa Community College in areas of classroom management, learning strategies, ethics, and diversity.  The substitute authorization allows you to substitute as a teacher with some restrictions to the time spent in one classroom.

If you have any interest in working with kids and working on a team, please notify our human resource team at 243-0463.

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