Splat Gun Gel Blaster Tik Tok Challenge

Dear CCSD Caregiver,

Our school district has been informed of another Tik Tok challenge that we need your help. There are new toy gun products called splat guns or gel blasters that are being used to shoot a product at a victim. Some are black or the owner paints them black to make the toy gun look very realistic. To complicate this situation, Tik Tok has developed a challenge of “drive by shootings” using splat guns or gel blasters.

The following link is a news story on this national trend: https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/new-challenge-encourages-drive-by-toy-gun-shootings/01936c98-bfb7-47d6-8c04-77d54fbf262e/

Please have a conversation with your son or daughter about the inappropriateness of these products. Our school policy treats these products as “look a like weapons” and possession or use on school grounds falls under our school discipline policy.

The Clinton Community School District is committed to a safe learning environment for all. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Gary DeLacy, Superintendent

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