The Iowa Department of Education released an update on the Iowa School Performance Profiles or also known as the Iowa School Report Card this morning. The majority of the data that populates the parts of the profile comes from the state assessment (Iowa State Assessment of Student progress (ISASP)) from last spring. 

The parts of the Iowa State Assessment of Student progress (ISASP) that are used as part of the state report card are participation of students taking the assessment (expectation of 95% or higher), proficiency of math and literacy, academic growth in math and literacy, conditions of learning survey, and at the high school level, postsecondary readiness and graduation rates.

The Iowa School Report Card is one data point for measuring student academic achievement, not the only data point. I would agree with Dr. Ann Lebo, the director of the Iowa Department of Education who released this statement– “The Iowa School Performance Profiles can assist communities in data-driven decision-making, but it doesn’t tell the whole story about our schools. It’s important to understand the challenges brought on by the pandemic, and to take that into account when looking at the 2021 performance scores.”

The pandemic has certainly affected many of our families and students. It is not surprising that this has had an effect on many students’ academic progress, particularly many students that opted to participate 100% online. That being said, the district will breakdown these profiles and see what adjustments need to be made.  The district has filled most of the 15 ESSER teaching positions aimed at supporting students with accelerated learning.  Some buildings are offering after school services for students that are behind. Summer school and Jumpstart programs are and will continue to be offered to to students to bridge summer learning loss.

Thank you for your support of Clinton Community Schools!

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