A new program by the Iowa Energy Association of Iowa Schools this year is the Building Operator Pathway (BOP).  Clinton High School is pleased to have five juniors among the fourteen students in the state involved in this program.  Only seven high schools in the state offer this program to high school students. 

The program covers two years on the operation and maintenance of a building.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Energy Efficient Operations of HVAC
  • Employment Skills such as Communication, Teamwork and Networking
  • Measuring Energy Performance
  • Efficient Lighting Fundamentals
  • Customer Service
  • HVAC Controls Fundamentals
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Common Ops for Low-Cost Improvement
  • Smart Building Fundamentals
  • How to Deal With Difficult People
  • Radon Safety and Testing
  • General Industry Safety/OSHA
  • Technical Math

The format of the class is three days of on-site experience and two days of classroom instruction per week.  I want to acknowledge the efforts of Paul Dotterweich and Charles Schantag along with any other plant services employees who are mentoring these students. 

Here is a short video produced about the start of this program:

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