Tik Tok Challenges—School Safety

Dear CCSD Caregivers,

The Clinton Community School District needs your assistance in communicating appropriate behavior in a school or workplace setting. If you are not aware, TIk Tok, a social media platform followed by many students, is promoting monthly challenges that in cases violate the law, personal rights of others, or destruction on property. Here is what Tik Tok is advocating:

September—Vandalize school bathrooms. Unfortunately we have had incidents in our school district and other schools have experienced much worse than our school district.

October—Hit a staff member.

November–Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school.

December—Deck the Halls and show your b**** (show your body parts)

January—Jab a breast (targeting females)

February—Vandalize school signs

March—Vandalize the school’s courtyard or cafeteria

April—Grab some eggs (stealing challenge)

May—Ditch Day (skip school)

June—Flip out in the school office

July—Spray paint a neighbor’s fence

As you can see, many of these activities are illegal, discriminatory, and acts of harassment or bullying. They are being promoted as “fun” activities.

The Clinton Community School District will not tolerate this behavior. We will educate our student body on this expectation. The district will enforce it’s student discipline code and will notify law enforcement if applicable. Your reinforcement at home would be greatly appreciated.

Please support our schools to be a safe environment for all.

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