This blog post is intended to update you on the Clinton Community School District’s Return to Learn plan for the upcoming school year. Certain laws were passed at the state level this spring that will have an impact on procedures going into this school year.

Masks: State and federal law dictate the policy this year. There is a major difference between school property and public transportation. A memo from the Iowa Department of Public Health released on August 5, 2021 states that masking is required on all public transportation, including school busses. Any students riding the Clinton MTA are also required to be masked. The memo also states that masking cannot be required in schools. Clinton Schools will support masking in schools, but not require it and to follow the Iowa Department of Public Health guidelines. The August Iowa Department of Education guidance document can be found at:

Learning Modes: The district will offer in-person learning as the primary delivery model. If a family wants the option of an online model, they need to contact the building principal and meet several criteria, including being successful in that model last year.

Accelerated Learning Options: This summer the district provided free opportunities for students through Jump Start or Summer School. During the school year, there will be some after school academic opportunities as well. The district has added some additional teaching positions to provide targeted support for students with learning gaps.

Social Emotional Supports: Clinton Schools is happy to announce a continued relationship with Life Connections who provides mental health therapists in every building in the district. The school district also employs school counselors in every building and has a district social worker. Every building has implemented “Capturing Kids Hearts” as a social emotional structure to support students.

Quarantine Situations: The Iowa Department of Public Health guidance now treats COVID-19 much like the common cold. Students and staff with symptoms will be sent home and anyone testing positive for COVID-19 will be isolated for 10 days. However, close contacts do not have to be quarantined unless they show symptoms. Contact tracing will no longer be supported by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Sanitation: The school district will continue with sanitation practices from last year. We have applied a Bio-Static product on high touch areas like keyboards, desk tops, door handles, etc. that kills viruses for 90 days. Handwashing and sanitation routines will remain in effect.

Vaccinations: The school district will follow Iowa Department of Public Health guidance by recommending vaccinations for staff and students. There will be another opportunity at CHS and CMS in September for any staff or student wanting to receive the vaccination.

Visitors: The district will allow visitors for educational reasons..

These procedures are subject to change due to the state of the pandemic and subsequent changes to state and federal guidance.

Thank you for your support of the Clinton Community School District!

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