Apptegy—New CCSD Mobile App

Clinton Community School District is proud to announce our new app coming soon. It will be a wonderful tool for the upcoming school year and coming years. CCSD does a great job with sharing information via social media, our website and other communication channels already, however, our goal is for the new app to be a one-stop-shop to find most general information. We agreed that many people want to quickly find an answer within 2-3 clicks on their phones instead of having to search the web continuously for a single piece of information.

The app will have a Live Feed, as you see on many social platforms; the Live Feed is where you will find posts created by different district employees regarding the district as a whole, important updates, activities, events and more. The app does allow users to turn on notifications about one specific school so that they’re only getting information that may be most relevant to them.

Some other features include a food menu section, showing the daily breakfast and lunch menu, which will be a great option for parents and students to see while on-the-go. We will be able to send out alerts using the app by sending push notifications to phones. Alerts would be commonly used for school delays or cancellations as we already do via text.

We fully believe our new app will be a wonderful addition to our district and will be a great way to find various information. The district will continue to utilize other communication channels as well; our website is updated often and continues to be a key source of information.

The app will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store and is available for anyone to download. There will be more information to come (soon) about the app’s launch date.

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