I’d like to thank all staff, parents, students, and any one else that contributed to a successful completion of one of the most challenging years I’ve ever experienced in education.

I do feel that there were several silver linings to this school year. I believe we learned to be flexible as the guidance and the opportunity to be vaccinated evolved through the school year. The pandemic forced us to learn the tools of technology much quicker than our comfort zones. Many of our students became more independent in their learning which will serve them well in the future.

Yet we are seeing evidence that there is a need to support closing student achievement gaps given the disruption of the pandemic. CCSD is planning extended learning opportunities over the next two years to support students to be at grade level or on track to graduate. With the use of ESSER 3 funds, the district will offer summer school or Jump Start opportunities to students that are identified as behind. The district is also hiring 15 “academic interventionists” those responsibility will be to support students to be on track academically at grade level or to graduate.

Your continued support to work with the district to further your child’s education is critical. If your child is identified to receive additional services, please support the district efforts.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the summer!

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