After a two week period of processing and evaluating a low bid that was $8.8 million more than the projected estimate, the Clinton Community School Board approved a contract with Tricon, a general contractor out of Dubuque to begin construction in June.  The reasons for the increase is the surge in steel, lumber, copper, and other raw materials due to the pandemic.

In order for the district to close this gap, multiple initiatives were considered.  If the idea significantly changed the scope of the building, it was rejected.  Value engineering ideas that were accepted have an estimated savings of $3.2 million. There are three deducts from the original bid that the Board accepted resulting in a $850,000 savings as well. 

Some examples of value engineering are switching from precast to block wall or replacing copper wiring with aluminum.  These changes will not change the scope of the project, meets city and state building codes, and have little to no effect in the long-term future of the high school.

The other part of the puzzle is to increase revenues to make-up for the shortfalls.  The school district will pay some parts (air quality, energy conversation) out of the ESSER III funds when appropriate.  School districts are allowed to petition the School Budget Review Committee to pay for furniture when building a new school.  Also, there will be a fundraising campaign for the renovation of Yourd Gym and the new performing arts center, two parts of the project that have no changes. We felt that given that Yourd and the new performing arts center have high community visibility and access, there would be a strong support to keep these two areas as originally designed.

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony announced in the next few weeks at the start of construction. The district appreciates the strong support of the community with the bond vote last March and are determined to construct a state of the art high school that will redefine how a high school environment will simulate the modern workplace.

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