Given the increase in cases, balancing the public health need to know with protecting an individual’s privacy, I will begin publishing weekly updates in the district. To better protect privacy, I am combining the four elementary schools data together and will use “<6” to protect an individual’s privacy if the positivity cases are very low in a certain part of the district.

Here is our data from the week of April 26-May 1:
LevelPositive StudentsPositive StaffQuarantined StudentsQuarantined Staff
High School<6<6<6<6
Middle School<6<617<6

Quarantines are due to both in school exposures and out of school exposures. Elementary data is combined to protect our small school cases from being identified.

Quarantined staff includes administrators, teachers, para-educators, custodians, secretaries, and food service. Quarantined staff also includes those that are waiting for COVID-19 testing results.

If your child is determined to be a close contact, the school district in consultation with Clinton County Public Health will contact you directly.

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