As we enter the winter season, the Iowa legislature has passed legislation allowing educational delivery on inclement weather days to be online. This legislation only applies to the 2020-2021 school year.

Given this option and given a significant advanced warning, the district will conduct online learning on days of inclement weather, instead of making up those days later in the year. The district will provide staff, students, and parents advanced warning, based on the information we will have available. The district understands there needs to be some advanced notice of this decision to insure the proper resources, like laptops, can be sent home in order for successful online learning to take place on these inclement weather days. If we experience a weather event without an advanced warning, the district will make-up the day as in the past.

I’m hoping that the weather will not put the district in this situation, but we want you to be informed of this possibility during this winter season.

Thank you for your support of the Clinton Community School District.

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