The Clinton Community School District will return to a hybrid model starting on Monday, December 7. The main driver of this decision is the overall health of the school staff has improved since the decision to move 100% online was made on November 16.

The educational delivery will resume like it was delivered prior to 100% online. Here is a reminder of the delivery model:

  • PK-4 students with the exception of Whittier 4th grade will attend their assigned neighborhood school everyday.
  • Fourth and fifth grade at Whittier will attend at CMS everyday.
  • Fifth grade students at Bluff, Eagle Heights, and Jefferson will attend at CHS everyday.
  • Students in grades 6-8 will attend CMS in a Day1/Day 2 hybrid. December 7 is a Day 2.
  • Students in grades 9-12 will attend CHS in a Day 1/Day 2 hybrid. December 7 is a Day 2.
  • Students at the Gateway Learning Center will attend everyday.

The district has deep cleaned all classrooms, common areas, and busses during this online time. The biostatic product that kills COVID-19 on contact has been reapplied as well to provide the safest school environment possible.

The district is modifying its requirements on face coverings to better match CDC guidance and hopefully lower the number of quarantined staff and students. Here are the new requirements:

Face masks are required in the presence of others at all times.  According to CDC guidelines, masks and gaiters must be at least 2-ply.

Shields may only be used if utilized by:

  • hearing impaired students who depend on lip reading and their service providers;
  • PK and Elementary teachers and students language arts instructional times where the ability to see the face is important for language development;
  • students that cannot/have difficulty wearing a mask due to a documented disability or health reasons.

Any one who prefers to wear both a mask and shield is certainly acceptable.

When I have conversations with Clinton County Public Health, the vast majority of the district’s positive COVID cases are being traced to exposure outside of school. If we want our staff and students to be in school and safe as possible, we all need to take personal responsibility to limit the spread of the virus until a vaccine has been widely distributed. Please be diligent wearing face coverings in public settings, wash your hands often, socially distance, take your temperature before leaving for school, and stay home if showing symptoms.

Thank you for your support of the Clinton Community School District.

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