The Clinton Community School District will be putting three new busses into service within the next few weeks. Due to a change in state law to enhance student safety, any new busses purchased in the state of Iowa must have seat belts for students.

The following statement below is from the Clinton transportation department which follows the state requirements:

It is the goal of the Clinton Community School District Transportation Department to provide the safest transportation possible. Beginning October 20, 2020, the District will taking possession of school busses equipped with lap and shoulder harnesses as required by the Iowa Department of Education. The District requires that all students riding a district school bus equipped with seatbelts wear their seatbelts as designed by the manufacturer while the school bus is in motion.

All students will receive instruction on the proper use of seatbelts during the twice annual school bus safety drills. Drivers and monitors are not responsible (i.e. liable) for students wearing seatbelts while riding the school bus. Drivers are responsible for instructing students to put on their seatbelts prior to the bus leaving a school.

Students who may require assistance in using their seatbelt should ask the driver or monitor for help so that all students are safely belted in their seat before the bus is in motion. Drivers will announce prior to the bus leaving that each student needs to be in their seat with their seatbelt properly fastened.

Students refusing to use seatbelts create a safety concern for themselves and others, and are subject to school district disciplinary actions. Repeated refusal to wear seatbelts can result in suspension from bus riding privileges.

Please support our efforts in this implementation of enhanced school safety.

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