The first two days of school have been an overall great experience for students and staff. Over 82% of our families have elected for face to face instruction. Many have expressed that the opportunity to teach and learn onsite is a privilege.

I want to recognize the cooperative and respectful attitudes of our students so far! It will be critical for all of us to maintain fidelity with the health procedures that are in place so we can continue to meet onsite. Temperature checks at home, required face coverings, and participation in sanitation routines are critical for the health of all.

Here is a link of a flow chart developed by the school district and Clinton County Public Health to help families make decisions regarding student health:

The most recent Governor’s proclamation defines that a school district must receive approval from the Iowa Department of Education if conditions favor a move to all online learning. The Iowa Department of Public Health will be involved and communication with the school district with any testing results and contact tracing.

The school district has followed best practice guidelines with clustering students with social distancing guidelines. While every situation will be evaluated separately, we believe that in most scenarios that if a positive case occurs with a staff member or student, the contact tracing may be limited to a classroom or pod of a school going into quarantine. The rest of the district will continue to attend. However, if there is a significant spread throughout the district, we would submit a waiver to the DE to move to online learning. By the Governor’s proclamation, the waiver will be for 14 days before returning onsite.

Thank you for the great start and supporting Clinton Schools!

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