The Clinton Community School District will start the 2020-2021 school year in a hybrid model of onsite and online learning.  This decision is based on the most current guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health, the belief that a face to face model is the best for academic learning, that younger students are more dependent on teachers with their learning, that to meet social distancing guidelines with all students cannot be achieved with our current classroom space, and the current reality of childcare options for families.

The Clinton Community School District will begin August 17 by providing onsite instruction for grades PK-6 and grade 9.  Students in grades PK-4 will attend their selected or assigned neighborhood or PK attendance center with the exception of 4th grade at Whittier.  Grade 5 that attend Bluff, Eagle Heights,  or Jefferson will attend in an isolated pod of classrooms at Clinton High School.  Grade 9 at Clinton High School will be separated from the  5th graders in a different part of the building.  At Clinton Middle School, the 6th grade will occupy a pod while the 4th and 5th grade students from Whittier will occupy a different pod of the building.  Whittier is a smaller building than the other three elementary schools and therefore making it necessary to move both 4th and 5th grade to reach social distancing guidelines.

For grades 7-8 and 10-12, about 70%-80% of the students will be served with an online learning environment.  The other 20%-30% of grades 7-8 will receive face to face instruction at CMS and another 20%-30% of grades 10-12 will receive onsite services at CHS.  These students will be selected by school staff based on lack of participation of required online learning last spring, equity of resources at home like internet access, and providing selected services that are nearly impossible to do online.

The 70%-80% of the students in grades 7-8 and grades 10-12 will receive an online curriculum delivery through Google classroom similar to their experience last spring.  The school district will closely monitor students and may move a student onsite if they are not being successful.

These online students will have opportunities to meet with teachers for check-ins and supports onsite.  Also, certain classes like marching band, welding, auto, building trades, etc, may meet in person due to the nature of those courses.  I want to stress to online students that there will be opportunities to be in the building, perhaps take a class or two onsite, and receive support from teachers.

Students assigned at the Gateway Learning Center (GLC) will report onsite.  The number of students attending  GLC makes social distancing guidelines easier than other buildings in the district.

We are requiring the following health guidelines for students that will engaging in their education onsite:

  • Temperature checks taken every morning from home.  A parent should contact the school if a thermometer is not available in the home.  This is the major area the district needs your support.  A student experiencing a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above should stay home.
  • Participation with sanitation procedures that will be implemented in each classroom and building.
  • Participation with wearing a district-provided face shield.  Best practice guidelines are for social distancing and face coverings.  If a student would prefer his/her PPE, that will be allowed.

There will be an online option for students that either themselves or family members are at high risk due to pre-existing health conditions.  Also, if a family prefers online learning, that option is available.  Please contact Trista Bratcher at if you would like to discuss this option.

It is my hope that we will reach a point during the school year where we can serve all students onsite.  This is a very fluid situation and I anticipate changes throughout the year.  I understand there are more questions than answers at this point.

There will be multiple communications in the following weeks with more detail.  This pandemic has created multiple challenges.  Please work with us to best support all students.

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