With the state required “Return to Learn” plan, the Clinton Community School District is designing multiple opportunities for closing student learning gaps and in the case of high school students, recover credits that have yet to be earned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Clinton High School, the first opportunity is a summer school session that will be offered from July 27-31.  There is no financial cost to attend.  This will target students that received incomplete grades during the second semester and give them an opportunity to finish the missing work/assessments needed to earn a passing grade.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance for students that have not completed coursework to attend and participate to the best of their ability during this summer school session.  The residual effect of incomplete courses will have a domino effect on courses taken for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.  This could also extend into students unable to graduate on time with their class.  At the high school level, it is about earning the required credits to graduate.

The high school administration and staff will be putting out additional information about this learning opportunity on Monday.  If you have further questions about Clinton High School’s summer school opportunity, please contact Mr. Kuch at

I will post a blog on Jump Start for the elementary and middle school students in the near future.

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