A Superintendent Message to Students

Dear Students,

First of all, I’d like to say how proud I am of over 80% of you that have stepped up to the challenge and are meeting or exceeding your teacher’s expectations in this new distance learning environment.  Given that we left for spring break with the full expectation to return, much has changed in our world in the last six weeks.  I have heard stories about how many of you miss your teachers and classmates.  I view this as “a positive” because when the school experience was taken away by this virus, it reaffirmed the strong relationships many of you have at school.

I also want you to know how hard your teachers have been preparing to best serve you in this new learning environment.  In a span of three short weeks, teachers have had to prioritize what you need for the rest of this school year and create activities, videos, projects, etc., in a completely different teaching and learning environment.  They are doing this to give you the best learning environment possible and also to be respectful to your family during this pandemic.

For the 20% of the students that have not actively engaged with our teachers, I have two expectations for you and for every student in the Clinton school system—participate and do your best.  If you participate and do the best that you can, you will be successful.  Our teachers will go the extra mile to make you successful.  Please meet us halfway—we can do this together!

This is within your control—non-participation may cause you to fall behind with future consequences.  For seniors, it is nearly immediate—-will you graduate later this month?  For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, becoming credit deficient that may impact when you graduate.  For elementary and middle school students, it’s about having the skills to be successful as you move up the education ladder.

Every student in this school system is special, important to us and our community, and has a “say” in his/her own success.  Work with your teachers and finish strong!

Mr. DeLacy


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