Today, Governor Kim Reynolds announced that Iowa schools will extend distance learning until the end of this academic year which is June 2 for the Clinton Community School District.

This decision was expected by our administrative team.  The move to a distance learning environment earlier this week was a response to data that to resume a traditional school delivery by May 1 was unrealistic.

The support by parents and students this week has been overwhelming.  The district has checked out over 400 devices to families that have requested one.  I have had several reports of high engagement of students with their teachers.

Parents, I want to emphasize that the school district does not expect you to become the teacher.  Our teachers are more than willing to support instruction with your child.  Our expectation for you is to provide an environment at home that supports student learning.

Students, I want to emphasize the importance on participation and giving your best effort.  If you those two things, you will be successful.

We have an opportunity to rise to the challenge and finish this school year on a positive note.  Let’s work together and make this happen!

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