Rivermont Collegiate has entered into a partnership with the Confucius International Education Group (CIEG) to offer an educational program at the New Six Arts Educational Park.  The plan is to contract with Clinton High School to provide some of the educational programming for the international students.

The benefits of the international student program for Clinton High School have been impactful.  The additional revenue source has allowed the district to employee five additional teachers, lowering classroom sizes for all students.  Second, the opportunity to share and experience the diverse cultures is a more authentic experience than reading about it in a book.  Third, the joint partnership has allowed Clinton High School to offer some of its programming at the New Six Arts campus.  The Synergy program is housed there and some core classes have been held in the state-of-the-art STEM labs.

The Clinton Community School District looks forward to working with CIEG and Rivermont Collegiate in this public/private partnership and providing unique opportunities for its students.

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