Near the end of the 2019 Iowa legislative session, SAVE (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education) was extended from 2029 to 2050.  SAVE is the 1% sales tax that school districts can use for construction, maintenance of roofs, buses, technology, etc.  It serves as property tax relief since the previous revenue stream had to come from local bond issues.

This has benefited the Clinton property tax payers greatly in the past fifteen years.  The construction of Eagle Heights, the new Jefferson, the new Clinton Middle School, and the high school wellness center, with the new competition pool, were all funded using SAVE.  This means everyone that makes purchases in the state of Iowa helps pay for these projects, taking the responsibility off local taxpayers.

As part of the new extension of SAVE, there is a requirement set by the legislature that the school districts must renew their Revenue Purpose Statement that would go to the voters to authorize the continued use of these revenues for school infrastructure.  The Clinton voters approved this use of funds in 2008.  At the November 5 election, the school district will be asking for approval of the renewal of the Revenue Purpose Statement for the 2050 extension.  Everyone will pay the 1% sales tax regardless.  Your vote allows the school district to use these funds as described in the Revenue Purpose Statement.

If you have questions about the proposed Revenue Purpose Statement, please contact me at


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