Be the One

Clinton High School is beginning a new approach to engaging parents and high school students in the four year educational planning process.  The process is called “Be the One” where every CHS student will be paired with a staff member.  The following paragraph was in a recent high school communication to families:

There are many reasons we are piloting this program this year. The idea of a pre-conference is a part of our “Be the One” initiative for this school year. The idea behind it is that you and your children have a connection with at least one person at CHS that you know has an understanding of what you and your child want for their future. Sometimes life gets hectic and families don’t know where to turn because they don’t have a name or a face. With this initiative, everyone who has a child at CHS has that name or that face to turn to if they have a question or concern. This is especially important if you cannot get a hold of a specific teacher, counselor, or administrator right away. 

The district is excited by the possibilities of this structure.  The Future Workplace Iowa initiative is going to open multiple career pathways for high school.  Junior and senior year programming will become more focused on specific career exploration and less of the “general studies” many of us experienced in high school.  Much of this programming will be supported by a proposed Clinton County Regional Center and apprenticeship opportunities.

This will produce a need for proper planning of prerequisite classes extending down to the freshmen year.  Be the One is intended to be one major avenue of communication to parents and students to set those goals and have a plan in place to achieve them.

A member of the high school staff will be contacting families for a pre-conference on or before August 26.  Please work with us in this attempt to improve communication about your child’s future educational and workplace plans.

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