Childcare offered at CCSD Next Year in Partnership with YWCA

The Clinton Community School District is excited to announce a partnership with the YWCA to offer before and after school childcare at elementary school sites for the 2019-2020 school year.  This result came from the fruits of an Iowa Big project led by high school students in looking for solutions for the shortage of childcare options for Clinton families.  After extensive research into the current services offered in the community of Clinton, looking at childcare services currently being offered in the Rock Island, Davenport, and Pleasant Valley  School Districts, and the results of two surveys sent to parents of preschool and elementary parents, the data showed that this is a solution for many of our families.

The YWCA will be reaching out later this month and throughout the summer to get commitments for before and/or after school childcare for the 2019-2020 school year.  The YWCA will send out their fee schedule, with opportunities for  discounted rates or DHS assistance, if families qualify.

The goal is to have enough demand at each of the four elementary schools to offer it at each site.  If there is not enough demand at one or more sites, the school district and/or YWCA will make arrangements to transport back and forth to the nearest site.

One of the most exciting options of this service is the opportunity of the YWCA and Clinton Community Schools to work in partnership on joint priorities.  For example, the YWCA currently was a 20-minute reading initiative built into their services that will complement district initiatives.  Also, the YWCA offers a wellness initiative in terms of exercise and healthy nutrition education and practices.

Please be on the lookout for childcare information coming out in the next few weeks and months.  Thank you for your support of Clinton Community School District!

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