Update of Clinton County Regional Career Technical Education Center

The five Clinton County school districts, along with Eastern Iowa Community College, are continuing to move forward with planning on a regional center for Career and Technical Education for this part of the state.  After multiple meetings with business, workforce, and educational leaders, a wish list of career pathways has been developed to serve the future students of Clinton County.  The following are the recommended educational career pathways to be offered:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Welding
    • CnC
    • Engineering Technology
      • Electrical
      • Robotics
    • Architecture/Construction
    • Health Services
      • Nursing
      • EMT—Career Regional meeting
      • Medical Assistant
    • Auto/Diesel
    • Agriculture
    • Computer Science
      • Coding
      • Networking
      • Programming
    • Human Services
      • Education
      • Culinary arts
    • Transportation, distribution, and logistics

These defined pathways will help Eastern Iowa Community College develop a design of a future  regional center.  The concept is that juniors and seniors from the five Clinton County high schools would have the opportunity to participate in  high quality educational experiences, have an opportunity for concurrent enrollment (receive high school and college credit), earn professional certifications, and find apprenticeship opportunities.

The target date is September 2020 for Eastern Iowa Community College to put this proposal before the voters.  However, there is much work to be done to develop shared curriculums between the Clinton County school districts and to provide a common foundation for students in grades 7-10, so that all juniors and seniors are prepared for the rigor of a regional center.  The school districts understand the importance of communicating the vision of the regional center to its residents, Clinton County businesses, and students, as we try to best meet the needs of the future.

Thank you for your support of Clinton County schools!

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