Among the standards that Iowa school districts must teach and assess are the 21st Century skills.  Among those are Employment standards.  Among the essential skills under the employment standard is “Demonstrate productivity and accountability by meeting high expectations.”  Here are the descriptors for this skill for a freshman in high school:

Deliver quality job performance on time

  • Recognize and understand required standards needed for successful completion
  • Set goals and establish timelines to reach required standards
  • Establish assessment checkpoints throughout work processes
  • Identify quality control issues and makes needed adjustments to correct problems
  • Take initiative to see job completed without compromising quality
  • Reassess process on a regular basis to identify any opportunities for improvement
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and works responsibly, reliably, and collaboratively with others

Demonstrate accountability for individual performance

  • Come to work regularly and is on time all of the time
  • Stay productive when on the job
  • Take initiative to help others when own work is completed
  • Accept responsibility for errors and corrects errors
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Follow through with work assignments
  • Demonstrate willingness to work overtime
  • Demonstrate flexibility to crosstrain

The Clinton Community School District administrative team has been working with the Clinton County district attorney’s office on procedures to support the attendance criteria listed above.  The conversations have revolved around the importance of attendance in the workplace and school is the workplace of building those skills.  Therefore there will be an increase effort by the school district working with the county attorney to hold students and families accountable in teaching this skill to the students.





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