Update on International Students

As we begin the school year, the school district has spent a significant time planning for the international students to be served at Clinton High School, starting this month.  There have been several developments I’d like to update you on:

  • The Confucius International Education Group (CIEG) has created a name for the new school, which will be providing classes that are not offered at Clinton High School.  The name is the Pangaea International Academy.
  • The former Ashford property has a new name also:  the New Six Arts International Education Park.
  • Deb Olson has been named by CIEG as the first superintendent of the Pangaea International Academy.
  • Clinton High School will be scheduling some of its course offerings at the New Six Arts International Educational Park at the start of second trimester, which is November 28.  Clinton High School is waiting for an amendment to be approved by the federal government on its I-17 application to add the New Six Arts location as an instructional site.  This is expected sometime in October.
  • Clinton High School will serve 15 international students at the start of this school year.  This is fewer than the initial goal of 72.  We have learned that the prime recruiting window for international students falls between December through February.  Since the agreement between Clinton High School and CIEG occurred later than that window, many international students had already made their decisions.  We believe we will add some additional students for the second trimester which begins on November 28.

This has been a learning opportunity for all involved.  It is truly exciting to see a partnership between a public and private organization that is focused on providing an educational opportunity that most high school students never experience.  The opportunity to experience diversity, to share resources between the organizations, and to have high school students use the best STEM labs in the state makes this an exciting time for all of us.

Let’s have a great school year!



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