Registration for the Young Americans

Registration time is here!  I would encourage all parents of Clinton Community School District students in grades 4-12 to consider registering their children for an amazing opportunity to participate in a Young Americans workshop to be held in Yourd Gym at Clinton High School from October 7-9.  Although the delivery of the workshop is through a fine arts format, any student can benefit greatly by the underlying themes of expanding boundaries within a safe and nurturing environment.

The following links gives you more information on the Young American Workshop:


One area of need for the workshop are having some families volunteer to be “home-stays” for the Young Americans.  We need 12-14 families willing to open their homes to 2-4 Young Americans to sleep and provide some meals during their stay in Clinton.  We are providing this opportunity to students in grades 10-12 first.  There is a registration link if you interested in hosting.

The cost of the three day workshop is $59.  I do not want any interested student to be denied this opportunity due to finances.  The Young Americans and the Clinton Fine Art Boosters are sponsoring partial scholarships for families that the admission fee creates an economic hardship.  There is a place on the registration page to apply for a partial scholarship.

Here is the link to register:

If you have specific questions about the Young American Workshop, please contact me at


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