Defining ALICE

As mentioned in a previous post, the Clinton Community School District is following best practice in intruder/shooter situations by using the ALICE protocol.  ALICE is an acronym for the following:

Alert:  It is critical for all to be vigilant about noticing any suspicious person or activity and to report to law enforcement or the school administration as soon as possible.  The sooner we know of the threat, the sooner we can put people in better positions of safety.

Lockdown:   The concept of Lockdown has changed over the years, from being quiet and waiting for law enforcement to being proactive by strategically barricading the room, properly using mobile devices to communicate with law enforcement, and planning on Evacuate or Counter procedures depending on the situation.

Inform:  This protocol has changed completely in the last ten years.  In the past schools used “code” words to communicate.  Now best practice is to communicate real-time information so staff and students can make the best decisions possible.

Counter:  Counter is the strategy of last resort.  In the past, students and staff were taught to hide and be quiet.  Now best practice focuses on performing actions that create noise, movement, and distraction with the intent of reducing the shooter’s ability to shoot accurately.

Evacuate:  Again, this protocol has evolved from information gathered in past tragedies.  Real-time information about where one can evacuate to safety is now best practice.

The school district is planning on drills, with law enforcement, so staff and students can practice ALICE at the middle school and high school levels.  These will be announced as DRILLS.  Elementary students will receive training appropriate for their age.  They will not participate in any drills.  Elementary staff will direct students if a real intruder situation occurs.

Clinton Community School District is committed to school safety.  We will continue to work with law enforcement to provide a safe environment for staff and students.

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