2018 Iowa Legislative Session

The 2018 state legislative session is upon us.  We have several opportunities this year to advocate for legislation that will support public education as a backbone of our future workforce in the state of Iowa.  However, it is critical to make sure our legislators are listening to our concerns.

This will be a tight budget year for the state.  However, the legislature and governor have the opportunity to support education without taking additional resources from the FY2019 budget. In the next several weeks, I will provide points to support public education in Clinton and across the state.  Your voice is more powerful than mine.  Legislators view superintendents as part of the education lobby, but your voice is viewed as a parent, taxpayer, and voter.

I blogged on Iowans for Public Education earlier this year.  Iowans for Public Education is a group of parents and community members that are being proactive on legislation affecting public schools.  You can find information on their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/iowans4publiced/

The following is the list of House members on the Education Committee:

The following are the members of the Senate Education Committee:

Please become active and part of the solution to enhance and support the Clinton Community School District.  Issues and points to support your opinions will be provided in future blog posts.

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