Iowans for Public Education

In response to the direction of the state legislative agenda in the past few years, a group of parents in central Iowa created Iowans for Public Education.  Their mission is below:

Iowans for Public Education is a grassroots movement to protect Iowa’s tradition of quality public schools. We plan to achieve this by—

• Defending against legislation that poses a threat to public education in Iowa
• Educating Iowans and their political leaders about issues affecting public education
• Providing tools, resources, and support for community action on these issues

Defending and supporting public education is a nonpartisan mission, as a strong public school system benefits us all. We welcome people from across the political spectrum who value Iowa’s rich tradition of high quality public schools, and we will embrace political leaders from any party who support our mission.

To join the closed discussion group, visit

In subsequent weeks, I will be discussing the upcoming legislative session that may have major impacts for public education.  I suggest checking out their facebook page and starting a Clinton County chapter.  I have spoken to this organization and they realize we need strong advocates for public education in all 99 counties and 333 public school districts across the state.

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