Core Values

As we begin the school year, I’d like to share some of my core educational beliefs with you.  I introduced these values during the opening day session with all the staff.

I have one expectation for students–RESPECT.  This is an acronym for the following:

Responsibility:  for personal actions and proper language

Effort:  give 100% and show grit when challenged

Sportsmanship:  represent you team and school in a positive light

Pride:  proud of the traditions of the school district

Excellence:  strive and push yourself in all facets of school

Courtesy:  address adults with Mr., Mrs., Miss, Coach, etc

Teamwork:  collaborate with others to be successful

My one expectation of school personnel is PROFESSIONALISM.  My definition of professionalism is to model RESPECT for our students.  I believe if the staff is professional in developing healthy respectful relationships with students, we will have a very successful school year.

Teaching core values is a partnership between school and parents.  Reinforcing the lessons of RESPECT at home will be very beneficial as we shape our future generation.  Working TOGETHER we can make a difference everyday!



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