“What is Best for Kids?”

As the calendar flips to the month of August, most of our mindsets are strongly shifting to the start of school.  And given this timeline, I’d like to share some of my educational core values that I use to make decisions.

One of my major criteria to make a decision is based on “what is best for kids”.  One example is the decisions based on parent requests for a particular elementary school.  Given four elementary buildings, there are some differences in class sizes.  My goal is to keep class sizes as low and even across the district as possible.  Therefore as the district considers a parent request, class sizes will be primary factor considered.  I believe that  if class size is 5,6, or even 7 students higher in one building as compared to another in the district, it affects the success of each student and the teacher.  Keeping class sizes as low as possible is “what is best for all kids”.  Therefore if a parent request helps lower class size across the buildings, it will be honored.  If a parent request happens to increase class size compared to other classrooms in the district, we will notify you that we will not be able to grant the request.  The lowest class size that the district can offer given the financial constraints set by the state is what is best for kids.

This is only one example.  As we make decisions about  resources, textbooks, staffing, procedures, policy, and other educational options, the criteria of what is best for kids should always outweigh the wants of adults.  As a school district working directly with you, we need to keep these priorities straight.

By working together and keeping in mind what is best for kids, we will be off to a great start to the school year!


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